New School Year

Quick Tip: New School Year

Every new school year is exciting because it’s the chance for a new beginning—always with the hope that THIS year will be the BEST. Hopefully you have had plenty of time to reflect on what you would’ve changed about last year and things you should’ve done differently. Well now is the time to put those plans in place. Set up those filing systems. Set up your assessment binder where all of your data will be in one place. Set up your parent communication binder to keep records of your interactions and communications. Reassess your procedures and how you can refine them to be more fluid, effective and timely this year. Brainstorm your motivational strategies and overall behavior plan. Most importantly develop your instructional plan. Plan out your time and how much time you will have to teach which parts of the curriculum allowing for time to provide interventional instruction. Make sure your classroom is ready, but also make sure your instruction for the first two weeks is especially strong allowing for plenty of time to teach, model and reinforce rules, procedures and other expectations. Also plan time for class building and team building activities. Every moment that you spend preparing for the new year will pay off immensely throughout the year. After all there’s only one first day of school and only one chance to get it right.

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We are a group of teachers who believe that teaching is a noble profession.

Our primary focus is on our students, their learning, our personal reflection and the refinement of our skills.

We recognize every child’s ability to make extraordinary learning gains and advocate for their right to a high quality education, regardless of their gender, race, family culture, or socioeconomic status.

We will teach each child in a positive and constructive learning environment, and recognize that developing their character is the precursor to a balanced learning community and academic achievement.

We recognize our potential to impact and transform our students’ lives when our heart is in the right place and our strategies and instruction are succinct.

We think positively, focus on finding solutions, and complete tasks without drama.

We believe in working smarter by thinking smarter, sharing resources, ideas and a collective higher vision for what is possible for our students.

We recognize that teachers, students, parents, administration, and community members are all a part of the collective solution to each child’s success. Therefore we remain modest and cooperative through collaboration.
We will work to recognize our team players with gratitude and foster a climate of cooperation, productive problem solving, and proactive planning for success.

Whereas we love recognition, we realize that is not our purpose for teaching. We are here for the kids and not the accolades. Recognition is found in our students’ accomplishments.

We strive to find balance between our school and home lives. We recognize that finding this balance will allow us to stay in our positions where we can continue to make a positive impact.

We share a positive vision and strategies that transform our students’ lives, and in turn, our lives as empowered educators.

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