In case you haven’t heard…

(Informal advice for teachers by teachers)

In regards to professionalism during extreme moments of stress…

  • Always keep your cool (no matter how you might feel inside).
  • Always watch your tone.  Remember you are speaking to someone’s child.  (quote from Principal Mrs. Gwendolyn Tose Rigell)
  • Always remember…you are the adult.  Model the appropriate behavior and responses that you would like to see.
  • Never let a child get the upper hand or control over the situation.
  • Proactively plan positive ways to address challenging situations, rather than irrationally reacting and responding to inappropriate behaviors. 
  • Our goal is to empower and educate students and never to “break them down.”
  • Maintaining an organized and clutter-free classroom is the best way to alleviate stress.
  • Never feel as if you need to respond to a student’s inappropriate comments.  Don’t let them get under your skin.  Keep your cool.  Silently proceed with the necessary consequence.
  • Never engage in an argument with a student.  In this situation you give the child what they want –an emotional response from you.
  • Never Use Profanity.  It is better to become silent when you are upset than to say the wrong thing.
  • Never put down a student.  Your may criticize the choice the child made, but never the child themselves.  Any criticism must take place out of earshot of their classmates.  Embarrass them in public and expect retaliation—this is only human nature.
  • Be especially vigilant in hallways.  You should never yell, but especially not in hallways.  Some teachers even have the rule that students are not to talk to the teacher during this time to ease the transition and to ensure the teacher is engaged and monitoring student movement.
  • Never put down a child to their parent.  You never condemn the child only the pattern and the action.
  • Learn from each event and make appropriate adjustments to avoid reoccurring dysfunctional moments.
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