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We, the teachers of the Title I Teacher Support Network share a similar philosophy and positive attitude about our teaching profession.  We are proud of our noble profession and our choice to teach in a high(er) poverty school.  Regardless of the demographics of the school that we teach in, we love the challenge of teaching students of varying ability levels, culture, personality and race.  We focus on teaching to their areas of challenge rather than just assessing them.  We teach each child… respecting their individuality and always looking for and identifying their strengths.  We also acknowledge that our decision to teach in a Title I school can be challenging.  More often than not, we are expected to address more challenges with fewer resources.  For this reason we further acknowledge that our effectiveness is based on our strength of mind and positive attitude.  We have identified five principles that will help us to develop this strength of mind.  Please click on each link to read more.  If you are a member of our network, please take a moment to respond and share your ideas.

Principle #1: Clarity of Mission
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Principle #2: Be Watchful of Our Thoughts and Words
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Principle #3: Contentment in Mission
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Principle #4: Community Builder
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Principle #5: Grace in Action
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Why I Teach Title 1
We’re a nonprofit organization that is here to provide the tools and resources that will help you to improve the academic achievement of your students.
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Any teacher, support staff, administrator, college professor, future teacher, legislator or community member is welcome to join the Title I Teacher Support Network. Doing so will put you into contact with a positive group of educators who have a diverse and unique knowledge base.
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