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Who we are: The Title I Teacher Support Network is developed as the signature project of Light Education, Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. We are a group of teachers primarily from high poverty Title I schools who have come together to…

  • Develop a larger presence and voice for positive and proactive teachers who are proud to be a part of such a noble profession, and their choice to teach in higher poverty schools.
  • Collaborate on strategies and programs that have been successful in other schools so that we may replicate this success on a grander scale and ensure the success of our students.
  • Organize the multitude of resources and programs that are available to us in a concise and condensed fashion, so that we are better prepared to meet our students’ diverse set of needs.
  • Share resources on Culturally Responsive Teaching to better understand the students we teach and the communities we teach in.
  • Provide stress relief resources that will help us to manage our high levels of stress while staying healthy, positive and productive, thus helping to reduce teacher turnover.

Mission Statement: The Title I Teacher Support Network links educators on a collaborative online network and shares resources designed to enhance the academic achievement and overall well-being of their diverse students.


Brooke Schulte Olivieri

Executive Director

Brooke has taught in an urban high poverty setting for fourteen years teaching elementary, middle school and ESE students. She received her National Board Certification in MiddleChildhood Literacy specializing in advancing high level literacy in at-risk student populations. She has developed Writing Camps, Math Clubs, and Book Clubs. She has also chaired various literacy programs advocating for students’ equal access to engaging and empowering educational experiences that recognize and foster their abilities and talents. She continues to mentor her students through college and adulthood, always reminding them of their strengths and abilities.

Dr. Marie Byrd

Project and Research Consultant

Dr. Byrd is the Project and Research Consultant for the Title I Teacher Support Network and Associate Professor in the College of Education at the University of South Florida Sarasota Manatee. She has 15 years of urban school experience in the Miami Dade County Public Schools as a teacher, Title I Curriculum Specialist, and Assistant Principal. Dr. Byrd just finished her terms as President of F.A.T.E. (Florida Association of Teacher Educators) and President of S.R.A.T.E. (Southern Regional Association of Teacher Educators). Dr. Byrd has published in the areas of NCLB, urban teacher morale, cultural competence, the academic achievement gap, professional development at Title I schools and leadership topics. Together, Dr. Byrd and Brooke Schulte Olivieri have presented at the…

  • National Title I Convention, Tampa, FL
  • A.T.E. (National) Association for Teacher Educators Conference, Orlando, FL
  • F.A.T.E. Florida Association of Teacher Educators Conference, Daytona, FL

Their journal article “Operation 2014: Developing Culturally Competent Teachers for a Diverse Society” was published in the F.A.T.E. Florida Association of Teacher Educators Journal.

Our Title 1 Advisory Board

Mrs. Kay Daniels

Mrs. Ronnique Major-Hundley

Mrs. Monika Patton-Perez

Dr. Sherika Evans

Mrs. Carolyn Jane Engel

Mrs. Shirley Wiley

Mr. Greg Rumph

Mrs. Dinnah Pere

Mrs. Michelle Greenawalt

Mrs. Tamara Ellis

Mr. Andy Ng

Mrs. Noelle Karcz

Ms. Paula Beard

Ms. Paola Villalobos

Ms. Crystal Beatty

Mrs. Marsha Nigri


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The Title I Teacher Support Network Creed

“What We Believe”

We are a group of teachers who believe that teaching is a noble profession.

Our primary focus is on our students, their learning, our personal reflection and the refinement of our skills.

We recognize every child’s ability to make extraordinary learning gains and advocate for their right to a high quality education, regardless of their gender, race, family culture, or socioeconomic status.

We will teach each child in a positive and constructive learning environment, and recognize that developing their character is the precursor to a balanced learning community and academic achievement.

We recognize our potential to impact and transform our students’ lives when our heart is in the right place and our strategies and instruction are succinct.

We think positively, focus on finding solutions, and complete tasks without drama.

We believe in working smarter by thinking smarter, sharing resources, ideas and a collective higher vision for what is possible for our students.

We recognize that teachers, students, parents, administration, and community members are all a part of the collective solution to each child’s success. Therefore we remain modest and cooperative through collaboration.
We will work to recognize our team players with gratitude and foster a climate of cooperation, productive problem solving, and proactive planning for success.

Whereas we love recognition, we realize that is not our purpose for teaching. We are here for the kids and not the accolades. Recognition is found in our students’ accomplishments.

We strive to find balance between our school and home lives. We recognize that finding this balance will allow us to stay in our positions where we can continue to make a positive impact.

We share a positive vision and strategies that transform our students’ lives, and in turn, our lives as empowered educators.

Inspiration Station
Inspiration Station
We are all part of a noble profession. Let us help you to clarify your mission and strengthen your peace of mind.
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Resource Center
We’ve put together some of the best resources for Title 1 Teachers all in once place.
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Save Our Sanity Center
Save Our Sanity Center
Let us help you loosen up after a long day. Save Our Sanity provides a lot of fun tools.
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We’re a nonprofit organization that is here to provide the tools and resources that will help you to improve the academic achievement of your students.
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Any teacher, support staff, administrator, college professor, future teacher, legislator or community member is welcome to join the Title I Teacher Support Network. Doing so will put you into contact with a positive group of educators who have a diverse and unique knowledge base.
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